Competition Protocols

Personal time management is an essential part of being a competitive swimmer and each swimmer must know the answer to questions such as:

  • What time should I wake up?
  • What time is the warm up?
  • What time is the event?
  • What time is the van leaving from the pool?
Travelling Protocols for Meets

Managers will be appointed to be on hand at the meet according to the size of the team. A female manager must be present if there is a female swimmer on the team. A description of the manager’s role will be sent out where applicable.

Where possible St Peter’s School minivans will be used, or alternative transport will be arranged by the Academy. Each swimmer will be proportionally charged for the transport, which will be included in the budget. The team will travel together to the meet.

Swimmers are expected to wear their uniform at all times when they are representing the Academy.

A budget will be drawn up for the swimmers prior to each meet. This will include costs such as accommodation, transport, management fee, food and administration. Swimmers need to have their deposit in by the due date. Local meets will not require a full budget, but will include immediate costs.

Accommodation will be booked by the Academy for all target meets. Swimmers will share rooms and there will be constant supervision. Girls are not allowed to visit the boys in their rooms and vice versa. There will be a room such as a common room where the swimmers can socialise.

We encourage family support at all competitions, however they are not part of the team and are required to make separate transport and accommodation arrangements. On request the swimmer can spend time with their family during their rest period, however, it is important that swimmers rest before their next event.

Strong rules will apply on team trips including:

  • No alcohol (even if the swimmer is 18 or over)
  • No drugs
  • No visiting the opposite gender in their rooms
  • No leaving the rooms after lights out
  • No inappropriate language
  • Any damage to the accommodation/property or transport will be paid for by the swimmer/s
  • Swimmers breaking any of these rules will be sent home immediately at their own expense and will face senior management after returning.

Food will be organised by the team manager. This will usually be through the motel restaurant or a catering company.

When travelling overseas, all passports will be collected by the team manager for safekeeping. If the swimmer wishes to have any other valuables looked after at any time they need to talk to the team manager.

Poolside Protocols During a Meet

Swimmers will arrive at the pool together wearing the correct uniform.

Warm Up
Each swimmer will be on a different warm up programme. The swimmers need to consult with their coach about which programme to use and they will need to work with their coach on speed and pace work.

Swimmers will need to consult with their coach prior to each event about their race and see their manager for their record. After their race the swimmer must immediately apply the after race protocol of eating, drinking and completing a warm down.

Warm Down
Each swimmer will have their own warm down protocol, which should be used after each event. If there is no warm down facility swimmers should see their coach for an alternative warm down.

Parents and Family
Parents and family who are present at the pool are not allowed to be involved with the swimmers at the pool deck at any time.