School Age

The advantages of learning to swim, beyond the obvious safety considerations, include improved motor coordination, socialisation skills and fitness. This programme is aimed at students from age 5 - 12.


SCHOOL AGE - 30 MINUTES: Maximum students per class: 4-6.
Levels: Goldfish / Whitebait / Snappers / Swordfish  
SCHOOL AGE - 45 MINUTES: Maximum students per class: 6 -8.
Level: Seals / Stingray / Dolphins  
SCHOOL AGE - 60 MINUTES Maximum students per class: 8 (Orcas), 30 (Morning Squad)
Level: Orcas / Morning Squad  

Our school age levels aim to develop a strong technical base so your child is confident with all strokes. Children are challenged and constantly motivated to learn through different activities and experiences. At the school age levels, we continue to emphasise water safety as well so your child will have the necessary skills to safely enjoy leisure time in and around water.

Also, capable and keen swimmers, looking for a competitive swimming, will be able to join our highly successful St Peter’s Swim Club. Our facilities offer opportunities from babies to elite swimmers.   

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