School Age

SCHOOL AGE (5yrs – 12yrs)

Children are placed in small groups according to age and ability. School age learners need lots of encouragement and praise for each and every step they take. The Perry Pool is full of quality teachers with the necessary skills to relate to each child’s needs. Children are challenged and constantly motivated to learn through different activities and experiences.

There are four levels of ability in the St Peter’s Swim School programme;

o New swimmers learning to be comfortable in, on and under the water
o Developing familiarity in the water
o An awareness of safe entry and exit practises
o Being comfortable floating on front and back
o Able to submerge independently

Level 1
o Developing confidence submerging
o Independent floating on front and back
o Learning the basic kicking skills (front and back)
o Streamline glide on front
o Basic freestyle arms swimming
o Streamlining on front into kick

Level 2
o Kicking on front and back to propel through water
o Controlled freestyle stroking arms with kick holding good body position
o Backstroke stroking arms with kick holding good body position
o Learning Freestyle breathing, bilateral (3 stroke) breathing
o Understanding basic butterfly kick
o Understanding basic breaststroke kick
o Sculling arms on front and back

Level 3
o Freestyle technique to 25 metres
o Backstroke technique to 25 metres
o Breaststroke kick technique to 25 metres
o Understanding of butterfly leg and body movement
o Tumble turn off the wall 

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If you have any questions regarding the Swim School please contact;

Rachel Tutheridge
Swimming Coordinator
P: 07 827 9897
F: 07 827 9812