Stroke Development


MARLINS (Stroke Development)

This programme is designed for swimmers whose ability is above that expected at the MAKOS level and is interested in competitive swimming, water polo, or multi-sports etc. The goal is to further refine and develop the stroke technique, increase distance and fitness levels, develop sound training.

Swimmer is at this level if they demonstrate:

·        Freestyle technique to 100 metres

·        Backstroke technique to 100 metres

·        Breaststroke kick and arm technique to 100 metres

·        Butterfly technique to 12.5 metres

·        Freestyle and Backstroke tumble turn

·        Has an understanding of the correct lane etiquette


Swimmers are moving towards:

·        Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke increased distance maintaining technique

·        Breaststroke kick and arm technique with fluent timing

·        Mastering all turns, developing streamline breakout

·        Butterfly kick and arm technique working on correct timing


Swimmers are encouraged to attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week.

Cost: $65 per month/per swimmer

Swimmer can master, achieve and is ready to move to the St Peter’s Swim Academy when:

·        Controlled freestyle technique to 200-400 metres minimum

·        Controlled backstroke technique to 200 metres minimum

·        Breaststroke technique with good timing to 200 metres

·        Butterfly technique to 25 metres

·        Freestyle and Backstroke tumble turn

·        Breaststroke/Butterfly turn

·        Excellent lane etiquette, understanding of pace clock (interval training)

·        100 metre Individual Medley (25 metres butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)



The monthly fees are charged via account and sent out to you at the end of each month.




Download Term 1 2018 enrolment form
If you have any questions regarding the Swim School please contact;

Rachel Tutheridge
Swimming Coordinator
P: 07 827 9897
F: 07 827 9812